11 March, 2013

"If I Perish, I Perish!"

I have always been inspired by the story of queen Esther of the Bible- how she risked her dear life to save the Jewish race from the brink of extinction under the evil scheme of Haman.

In the story, Haman, the highest ranking officer  under King Ahasuerus (Artaxerxes) of Persia. was  enraged by the attitude of one Jew named Mordecai who refused to bow down to him as he was passing by. Then   Haman was burning with rage and plotted a most diabolical method of inflicting vengeance on Mordecai the Jew, not only on him alone but on his entire race!  He made a 90-foot high gallows for hanging Mordecai, and then cleverly convinced the king to pass a decree that the entire Jewish race should be completely annihilated!  When Mordecai and the Jewish population came to know of the king's order, they were filled with sorrow and grief and did not know what to do.   Queen Esther however did not know anything about Haman's plot or the king's orders.

Then Mordecai came and told  everything to Queen Esther, and asked her to see the king immediately and try to find some way to save the Jews. When Queen Esther came to know this, she was afraid. It was against the law to see the king without being called by the king himself. The punishment was death!  However, when Mordecai convinced her that even though she was the queen, she will not escape death by the king's order because she too was a Jew.  Then queen Esther made up her mind and decided to see the king, not knowing what fate awaited her.  She told Mordecai something like this: " OK, I will go see the king even though I have not been called. I know the penalty for my action is death. So be it! If I die, I die...but I will do it!".

To cut the story short, not only Queen Esther did not die, but she saved the Jewish race and Haman was hanged on his own gallows!   To me, the Book of Esther is one of the most inspiring book I have ever read!  "If I perish, I perish...".   Halleluijah!

Whenever someone says for God, " Yes, Lord! I will do it.  If I perish, I perish..",  miracles happen!

Yes, Lord!  If I perish, I perish!